LeetCode – Two Sum

LeetCode - Two Sum Programming Interview - Given an array of integers, find two numbers such that they add up to a specific target number.

Getting Started with Hazelcast

In the current post we shall see how to get started with Hazelcast, its advanced features before getting in deeper.

Distributed Caching using Hazelcast

In the current post we shall see the need for Caching in an application, and also explain Distributed Caching using Hazelcast.

Why use getters and setters

This post explains us as to why we should be using getters and setters which contain nothing rather than providing direct access to class field members.

JavaBean Standard

This tutorial explains the Sun JavaBean Specification, such as rules for creating a JavaBean, properties, naming rules etc

Getting Started with Spark Shell

In this first example, we will help you guys in Getting Started with Spark Shell. We have two different ways to interact with Spark Engine Write a Scala, Python or Java program using Spark Libraries and API’s. Use the Spark Shell. Spark Shell is very useful when you are trying your hands in Spark for

Getting started with Gradle

This tutorial explains about getting started with Gradle- the newest build tool, with steps for download, installation and verification

Debug remote Tomcat from IntelliJ

In this post we shall see how to debug a web application deployed on remote or a locally setup tomcat from IntelliJ IDEA.

Using serialVersionUID

This tutorial explains the importance of versioning Serializable objects using serialVersionUID along with some of the best practices to be followed for Serializable classes.

Convert Java Object to/from JSON using Jackson

This tutorial explains how to convert Java Object to/from JSON using Jackson library along with a sample implementation.