Hi Friends my name is Manjunath Sampath. I’m a self confessed Java Addict and hardcore of OpenSource, currently living in Bangalore and working as a Java developer.

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My Skills Include:

  • Java
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • JEE
  • MySQL

About HeapCode:

This website was lovingly constructed because I wanted to share tutorials on Programming and Technology stuffs and show how easy and fun it is to learn them.

HeapCode is all about simplicity. It turns out that no matter how simple Technology is, a blog is sometimes the best way to learn about it. Almost all the technologies such as Spring, Hibernate etc have exhaustive reference documentation which is some times too much to digest for someone who has started learning it.

Nothing would make me happier than to see a busy developer referring to HeapCode on one of his WorkStation’s browser tab.

If you like the website or any of it contents then.

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