Configuring Tomcat in Eclipse

In this post we shall see configuring Tomcat in Eclipse, the same steps can be followed for other servers as well.

1. Eclipse Perspective

In order to work with Tomcat we should switch perspective within eclipse to Java EE mode. This can be done by

Windows –> Open Perspective 

and then selecting Java EE.


2. Configure Tomcat

    a. From the below menu bar select Servers tab.



after selecting the Servers tab click on new server wizard.

    b. Select the Tomcat version you are interested in configuring


    c. Enter a name for this server or default it, select the Tomcat installation directory and also the JRE.


3. Add any web applications from the workspace

Add any web applications from the eclipse workspace or this step can be skipped and the applications can be added later.


4. Start Tomcat

After the above Step we can start using Tomcat by right click and select either Debug or Start.


5. Change Tomcat Settings.

If we wish to change the default settings of Tomcat then we can do so by double click on the Tomcat Server, the settings page is opened where in we can change the settings of tomcat such as port on which it runs etc.


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