Format Currency in Java

1. Introduction:

Many a times its required to format currency in java, especially an amount into a currency format based on user’s locale in case the application is being used globally. Say a user from USA would see the amount formatted in USD format along with the symbol, whereas a user from UK would see a GBP(Global British Pound) format along with the symbol.

To format a number to a particular currency, Java provides us an API called NumberFormat, we invoke getCurrencyInstance to get a format object. Calling  format() on this object will format the number based on the default locale (which is in US format). To format based on a different currency we shall pass the appropriate locale to the NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance().

2. Program:

The below code demonstrates the concept explained above.

3. Output:


Note: Observe the difference in currency formatting between France and German even though they both have Euro as currency.


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